Sustainable Fashion: A Handbook for Educators

Liz Parker, Marsha A Dickson, 2009

Name of publisher/editor

Edited by Liz Parker on behalf of Fashioning an Ethical Industry, UK, and Marsha A. Dickson on behalf of Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Business, USA.



Summary & key words

This Handbook brings together practical ideas on how to teach about social and environmental responsibility in the fashion industry, rather than being a series of papers about the issues.The Handbook contains ideas for assignments, class based interactive activities, project briefs, course outlines, case studies, teaching experiences and reading lists. The Handbook does not aspire to be a comprehensive teaching guide with a beginning, middle and end. Our aim is more modest: to draw together examples of the work already being carried out by educators around the world and to inspire others to include topics of social responsibility in their teaching. On this note, it is important to state that the views expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors or their organisations. 


Subject (Categories)

economic social environmental