Reflection on decent work in global supply chains on the agenda of the 105th session of the International Labour Conference

For the first time in its almost 100 year history, the ILO addressed the issue of decent work in global supply chains during its annual conference in Geneva. Although it is an achievement for the ILO to put the issue of global supply chains on the agenda in the face of huge business opposition, Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) is disappointed about the outcome of the Commitee on Decent Work in Global Supply Chains. The conclusions could and should have much more forcefully defended workers’ rights in global supply chains. Adverse impacts on working conditions in the areas of occupational health and safety, wages and working me (§3) cannot be addressed adequately by cross-border social dialogue (§23c) only. Strong mechanisms that enable the right to collective bargaining at international level are necessary. CCC still believes that a global instrument is needed that is binding upon all parties. The fact that the conclusions pro- vide an opening to have a standard-setting procedure in the future justifies some optimism. 

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